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Lesson Stages

Aquatots (age 0-5 years)

These are drop in sessions for pre-school children whereby there is no commitment or need to book in advance, just come along when it suits you, as often or as little as you wish.  Little ones will develop water confidence in an instructor lead session with a parent or accompanying adult. One adult may bring up to two children. The instructor provides guidance, support, toys and games. Enjoy some one to one contact with the instructor to help your child enjoy themselves and relax, and choose whether or not to join in with some group games.

Tadpoles (6-18 months) and Froglets (18 months to 3 years)

These are 25 minute structured lessons booked in advance as a twelve to thirteen week courses to develop water confidence through play and songs, whilst working with a parent or accompanying adult. Each course booking is for one child accompanied by one adult.

Starfish (3 years) and Seahorse (4 years)

These courses are for pre-school children in the learner pool. This is the first level for independent learning through fun, games and song, enabling children to develop a sense of moving in the water unaccompanied by a parent/adult. Swimming aids are used to develop water confidence and movement.

Stage One (from rising 5’s)

The class scenario, developing water safety awareness, basic water confidence skills and movement through the water. There are two instructors, one of whom is in the water, with a maximum of 10 children in the lesson. These lessons take place in the learner pool.

Stage Two

Developing safe entry into the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travel and rotation.
At Lords Meadow there are two instructors, one in the water and the lessons take place in the learner pool with a maximum of 10 per lesson. If the stage 2 is in the main pool there is a maximum of 8 children and one instructor, poolside.
At Exe Valley there is one instructor on the poolside, with a maximum of 9 children .

Stage Three

Stage three lessons are either in the main pool or the learner pool, so may either have two instructors as for Stage Two, or one instructor who remains on poolside to teach the lesson. Stage Three works on developing travel on the front and the back (up to 10m), progressing rotation skills and water safety knowledge. There will be a maximum of 10 children for learner pool lessons and 8 for the main pool lessons. The instructor will recommend the choice of pool when your child moves up from Stage Two. Factors such as height and confidence will influence their recommendation.

Stage Four

This level is for children who are confident without swimming aids who are able to spend the whole lesson in deeper water, where they may not be able to touch the pool bottom. This level develops the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, and refines kicking actions in all four strokes. This level aims to achieve swimming 10m showing competent kicking in all four strokes, to the given standard as directed by the A.S.A. These lessons will take place in the main pool with a maximum of 8 children per lesson.

Stage Five

This level works on the progression to adding competent arm actions to all four strokes. Developing watermanship through sculling, treading water and competent rotation. This level aims to acheive preformance in all four strokes to a minimum distance of 10m to A.S.A. standards. These lessons take place in the main pool with a maximum of 8 children per lesson.

Stage Six

Stage Six develops effective swimming including coordinated breathing in all four strokes. There is the development of  water safety aspects and understanding the preparation for exercise. Personal survival skills are inroduced as well as very basic life saving considerations. - putting a purpose to learning to swim! Lessons take place in the main pool with a maximum of 8 children per lesson.

Stage Seven

Stage Seven lessons run the length of the main pool, so children swim lengths as opposed to widths of previous lessons, teaching children lane discilpine. Therefore these lessons develop stamina and stroke quality up to a distance of 100m, as well as combining skills learnt through

stages 1 – 7. Diving is also inroduced at this stage. Lessons are 45 minutes long, with a maximum of 14 chidren per lesson.

Stage Eight

Stage eight lessons are again swimming lengths in the main pool.It is the first stage of competitive swimming, developing endurance and speed in all four strokes to meet A.S.A. standards and learning about competition laws, including turns and transitions into the strokes. Racing dives are taught from the starting blocks, preparing children for competitive or club swimming. Children completing Stage Eight courses will be advised if they have reached the required standards to join a Swimming Club, such as the Crediton and District Swimming Club or Tivierton Swimming Club (see the link on the Homepage for Club information).  Lessons are 45 minutes long, with a maximum of 14 children per lesson.

Adult Lessons


Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting prospect but we are here to help everyone of all abilities and needs, from water phobic to anyone wanting to improve their stroke technique. Everyone is welcome. Lessons are relaxed and tailored to your needs. If numbers in a beginners group are less than 4  the instructor can teach individually in the water, helping each person with their particular stroke. Improvers groups tend to work together more as agroup, as they tend to work on the same aspects of stroke work in a lesson. Above all, lessons are enjoyable and we find that people make friends among the way, too. Lessons take place in the main pool, ranging in depth, and are for 25-30 minutes in duration. Maximum numbers are 8 per instructor.